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Get Involved and Nominate Too

Get Involved and Nominate Too

Adam Hookway18 Mar - 05:45
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Each year we are always looking for new Management Committee members and there's also a chance to nominate new Vice Presidents

Our constitution allows for Nominations to be received from Members of the club prior to 30th April in any year for posts on the Committee (or sub-Committees) of the Club, for the post of an Officer of the Club or for election as a Vice President.

All Nominations should be in writing and addressed to the Hon Sec. Mark Hewett. We should stress that any nominee must give their written consent to their nomination (although strictly this is not a requirement for VPs).

In the case of Officers, a Member may only nominate one person per Office and in the case of the Committee it is one nomination per Member. The Constitution does not require Seconders in respect of Committee Member or Officer nominations.

With regards to VP nominations these again should be received in writing by the Hon Sec on or before 30th April. In this case the sponsor and seconder need to be named. The position of Vice President is in "special recognition for services to the club"; the position of VP carries with it neither rights nor obligations over those of any other Member (ie they still have to pay their Fees!!).

We should be clear that the Committee may also nominate candidates for all of the above and, in the case of VPs, nominations shall be considered by the Committee and shall not be submitted to the AGM without Committee approval.

The appointments of Officers, the Committee Members and VPs will take place at the AGM (date tbc) - if there are multiple candidates then a vote will be held.

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