Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents

Our Vice Presidents are a very important part of the Club. They were made VPs as a result of nominations by Club members and approval by the Management Committee.

All have made significant contributions to the old TRFC and OJRFC as well as Tonbridge Juddians RFC.

David Acott

Holly Anderson

Karl Anderson

Jamie Ansell

Ben Ashby

Malcolm Baker

Patrick Barrow

Ian Beach

John Beasley

Andrew Bell

Ian Brocks

Keven Brown

Peter Brown

Brian Buck

Tim Burles

Richard Burt

Tim Callaway

Barry Carlyon

John Carman

Tom Carter

David Carver LHM

Stewart Colderick

John Costello

Adrian Crouch

Peter Darbyshire

Ceri Davies

Mark Davis

Tony de Guingand LHM

Mike Dobson

Matthew Dunn

Steve Farr LHM

Brian Foley

Nigel Gatehouse

James Goldsworthy

Darren Grasby LHM

Janet Grasby LHM

Mike Grasby LHM

Patrick Grice

David Grimshaw

Alistair Grist

Nick Grundy

Ken Gunn

Eric Hadley LHM

Pauline Hadley

Bob Hales LHM

Nick Hanes

Chris Hardwick LHM

Tim Harrington

Jonty Harwood

Spencer Hayward

Mark Healy

Mark Hewett

Barry Hewitt

Kevin Hexter

Chris Holder

Godfrey Honnywill

Adam Hookway HLM

Brian Hope

Mark Howell

Graham Hughes

Stuart Hughes

John Jenner

Kevin Jenner

David Keen

Dave Kerr

Charles Kinloch

Christopher Lawrence

Roger Lawson

David Legg

John Leicester

Jonnie Lewis

Peter Lilley

Karl Lincoln LHM

Bill Little

Julie Little

Fred Low

Andy MacDonald

Jon Maidman LHM

Florie Mancel

Chris Manwaring

Gary Martin LHM

Toby Martin

Peter May

Matt Mitchell

Richard Morris

Christopher Mortimore

William Mountney

Howard Mudge LHM

Damian Mutch

Mike Norrie

Sean O’Leary

Michael O'Sullivan

Chris Owen

Sam Parrett

John Pemble

Ken Penton

Geoffrey Pettitt LHM

John Pilcher

Brian Piner

Stephen Pocock

Rodger Poulsom

Eddie Prescott

Keith Prior

Mandy Pulsford

Shaun Redman

Darren Reeves

Howard Riddle CBE

John Ridley

Ame Roberts

Karl Robertson

Keith Roshier

Tony Russell

Joe Sage

Guy Sankey

Dick Savage

Bob Shewan

Andrew Simmonds

James Simpson LHM

Duncan Sinclair

Mark Sonnex

Rob Steele

Colin Stevens

Tony Stolton

Dave Stoner

Trevor Thorpe

Andrew Trotter OBE QPM

Dick Turpin

Melanie Underhill

Richard Ventin

Dominic Walker

Rodney Walker

Barry Walsh

Declan Ward

Feargal Ward

Tony Ward

John Weddell

Mike Wells

Chris Wickham

Gareth Withers

Phil Wootten

Malcolm Yates

Andy Young

Ben Zaug

LHM - Life Honorary Member

Rule 14 of Tonbridge Juddians Rugby Football Club Limited permits the election of Vice Presidents (VPs).

The Committee may approve for election at the AGM any member who they consider should receive special recognition for services to the Club. Any member so elected shall remain a VP until ceasing to be a member.

Nominations for the election of new VPs must be made by members in writing giving the name of the sponsor and seconder and given to the Club Secretary on or before 30 April prior to the Annual General Meeting. Such nominations shall be considered by the Committee who shall approve them prior to submission to the AGM.