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Under 13



Under 13's (school year 8)


MANAGER:  Steve Davey email or tel no 07976 246555
COACH:   Matt Mitchell  email or tel no 07738 999741

The mini rugby season runs from the first Sunday in September till May (10am till midday). We welcome all boys  regardless of ability  (girls at this age group play separately) .

We appoint a player mentor to every new player that joins the group.




  • Safety and fun first; development above results. 
  • Effort is everything.  "The strength of the pack is the TJ and the strength of the TJ the pack."

We emphasise the core values of Rugby Football Union as our own:


Our practice sessions involve games and activities aiming to encourage players to work together, develop interpersonal skills and enjoy rugby.

We aim to help children in our group to be rounded young players with CHARACTER, who CARE and stay CONNECTED with for their team mates, friends and family for life.

We encourage players to be CONFIDENT and CREATIVE both on and off the pitch. We believe that through this approach children’s physical, technical, tactical and mental ability as rugby players will develop and thrive.


We aim to play friendly fixtures and “waterfall” festivals throughout the season and our selection policy ensures we involve ALL children that want to play in matches equally.

We also arrange non rugby activities to help develop rounded players such as our beach day, pantomime trips, rugby tours, match visits and socials.

For more details or to talk about how your son can get involved contact the age group manager Steve Davey (details above) or Lead Coach Matt Mitchell (details below).



Matt Mitchell – Former scrum half / utility back and 1st XV captain Matt has over 25 years experience in youth coaching, sports development and coach education. He was a Development Officer for the RFU for 13 years and is now the Rugby Manager for the children’s charity of rugby, Wooden Spoon.


Karl Severs – Karl is the other Kiwi on the team and former second five eighths (whatever that means!) and has been known to play the odd Vets match.


Stuart Fyffe – An long time estranged Scotsman from Bromley Stuart is our forwards specialist coach.


Lauren Goldsworthy – Lauren is our young apprentice and is supporting the coaching team and children in their rugby.

We are also supported by parents who undertake to help organise events and activities for the children.

Thank you all that volunteer to help make the rugby experience come alive for this age group.


Matt, Steve and the Coaches



2017 - 2018 Season Review and Awards


This season Oscar Thatcher (PLAYERS PLAYER) Jack Sharpe (COACHES PLAYER) and Harris Mitchell (MOST IMPROVED) were honoured to receive the three club awards for U12s.


With receiving an award comes great responsibility – awards have the potential to make a player complacent. However, the coaches would not have selected these players if they did not think they could handle the responsibility.  The award winners and the whole squad are still at the start of their rugby journeys and it is great to see so many of them discovering and soaking up rugby knowledge every day that they play.


Although these three players received awards the U12 coaches want every player to realise two things…


• Firstly, that by being part of the squad this year you have helped play an important part in supporting the award winners to be recognised – it is because of the you, their team-mates that they turn up week after week. YOU HAVE ALL INSPIRE THE ACTIONS OF OTHERS.


• Secondly, even though you have not been presented with an award it doesn’t mean you haven’t achieved this season. It takes a team to score a try and it takes a squad to win an award. Next season with the support of your team-mates you can achieve your goals, it only takes effort, and as we say in the U12s EFFORT IS EVERYTHING!


The U12s are a super cool group of players.   Below are some observations about the team and how they have played this season…


We don’t have a big, powerful, athletic group of players but what we do have is a group who can play every position and all play for each other.   They are able to adapt their tactics and have developed a confidence and range of skills.   They are never afraid to be creative and to try something different.   They will keep the ball alive, try a reverse pass, have a go at an outrageous off-load or a left footed cross field kick!   They do this safe knowing that if it doesn’t work nobody (on or off the pitch) will ‘have a go’ at them. Nobody will tell them off and none of their team mates will be mad at them for trying it.   Our parents and supporter play an important role in creating this environment and the way we play.   Our touchline is always positive and supportive. It’s never instructive – you won’t hear “run” “tackle” or “pass” from our touchline firstly because no player is magically connected to an Xbox controller abd secondly because they don’t need it – our players learn from their mistakes. Such a supportive touchline takes practice and constraint but I know the players really appreciate it – so thank you all our supporters and parents.



Because of the open, carefree way they play and because they understand the game (better than most opponents) - the boys are able to work out the opposition (and the referee) and change up / adapt the way they play.  The boys have connected with each other this season (not just on Fortnight!) and this helps them on the pitch too.   They have their own WhatsApp group (which they use very sensibly) and they have shown on tour how they can bond with other players very quickly.   The team has great characters, they look out for each other appreciating that a good team needs people with different skills and attributes. From the squad of 18 this season, we had 9 (nine) different players nominated for Players’ Player… that is indicative of a squad that appreciates and values a wide range of attributes and characters in a team.   


Most importantly of all the player prize effort above everything.


It this with this kind of attitude and mind-set that enables rugby to take players on an amazing journey and it will also serve you well in life.   But you have got to live the CORE VALUES:


Teamwork – Every player knows that every member of the squad will get equal game time; no one complains.

Respect – When a young referee was a little below par, and in contrast to others, EVERY TJ showed respect by accepting every decision without question and got on with the game.

Enjoyment – We played rugby with a swiss ball – and evidently it was that the best game!

Discipline – After one of our players was deliberately kicked by an opponent every player demonstrated discipline and restraint - and we stood together and rose above it.

Sportsmanship – You are all great sports – especially Tane who brought his Dad on tour! 


Well done boys we all look forward to your U13 season.





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