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29th June 2022

Well where do we start after a hectic June and no actual rugby?

Well first up let's start with the end of a Presidential term as Chris Holder brought his reign to an end at the AGM. Chris has been a larger than rugby life itself TJ President and continues a long line of eclectic and entertaining predecessors. Chris has managed to support the Club right across all genders and ages and has enjoyed (immensely at times) travelling the land in support of all things TJ. Chris leaves a big hole to fill. And we salute you sir and please do look after the old suit!

And into the hole steps William 'Bill' Little as our new President - all hail Bill. Many of you will know Bill from his OJ/TJ playing days, his regular touchline support and as Head coach and more for the TJ Ladies a few seasons ago. Bill works as a team with his much loved wife Julie and we wish them both every success during his tenure.

Chris's last 'TJ event' was the 24th June David Flatman dinner at the Club with over 240 attendees enjoying yet another MM & Janet Grasby inspired event ably supported by Chris Hardwick's Bar management and more

'Flats' entertained us royally and extended the now very long line of rugby stardom to have graced and won over the TJ marquee 

A stellar evening and one which requires a lot of behind the scenes work in both staging and clearing up afterwards - if anyone would like to get more involved in staging such TJ events then volunteers are always welcome to help and even take on the task. Please don't wait to be asked, volunteers are best, and the same applies to helping in any small way. We had some excellent help in setting up the event (thank you) but post-event needs more - please bear that in future minds.

On the all important playing side things are already in motion for both Senior and younger TJ levels.

Senior men's training has begun and an open session for Men and Women was staged on the 18th June at the Club. Do contact your senior coaches and playing colleagues to find out more re training during July/August.

Many TJs ask about changes both in playing quads and coaching across the senior ranks. The point was raised at the AGM and is a regular talking point especially in light of the social media activity of other Clubs and indeed our own online offerings.

We approach these things in a very particular way, namely only publishing when we are 100% certain of the facts. Whilst Fake news is welcome across many platforms we tend to focus on typos rather than facts that are later found to be less than acurate (joke).

What we do know thus far is that Mike O'Sullivan, a TJ 1st XV regular for many seasons, has retired from playing; Dave Irvine, another 100+ TJ cap winner has rejoined Gravesend; and there he will find Rory McHugh an ex TJ Academy and 1st XV regular who has returned to the game after joining the police force and who is unlikely to be available for every game

The 1st XV squad will drop to Level 4 for the new season in National 2 East and we are aware that we have a number of new 'signings', at leats four Academy 'leavers' from last season and two returnees from University who we hope to make the most of. Add to that a number of last season's squad with Matt Walsh, Tom White and Harvey Young being the first three to be shared on social media with more to come 

Adam Hakimian, Conrad Burne and Joseph Bridger have 'signed' for new clubs although as yet unregistered. And that Bobby Bratton and Kyle McGhie are involved in rugby action north of the border .

As we know from experiences players often 'sign' but don't register for a whole host of reasons both from a Club's and Player perspective. At TJs we prefer to go live re such announcements when a Player has committed and is about to wear the TJ shirt in action.

Not nearly as exciting perhaps as some may tell it but it's been our way for some time and the TJ trumpet will blow loud and clear when the time is right - woth mentioning at that point that the trumpet tune is only as good as the content provided. So if you have something TJ you want to share and it's factual then pleas elet us know at or let David Challis - Adam Hookway know. We would both love to get more 'TJ news content' to share so please don't e-shoot the messengers, if you can.

NB - David will not be available to TJs at weekends next season so if anyone wishes to get involved in tweeting games and more then please let us both know

Back to the TJ seniors and the Ladies squad will be adjusting to two significant changes as Katie Hall and Ame Roberts remove themselves from the playing fray and take on coaching roles instead - both have given so much to TJ Ladies on the pitch and we are certain they will give as much and more off it as well

The Mens 3s continue with renewed energy as they take on some familiar to some foes in Counties 4 Kent and it was great to see one of their leading lights, Karl Lincoln, added as an Honorary Life Member alongside James Simpson at the AGM.

The AGM also added new Vice Presidents with Ame Roberts, Karl Robertson, Jonnie Lewis, Tom Carter, Brian Foley, Ben Zaug and Matt Mitchell being recognised for their services to TJs over many seasons - well done all

More News to follow in July so for those we have missed apologies but please be patient and if you can't be then please let us know what's missing and we will do our best to publicise, share and more

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