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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can play?

Boys and Girls - we have an Under 6 age group that eases them into non-contact rugby. Which age group your child falls into depends on their age on 1st September. So if they are not 6 until November then they would be an U6. 

We encourage families to come along and give it a go before committing. The Club has to be thr right one for you and you for it so far better to try it out first before buying kit and becoming a member

What safeguards and policies do you have?

The safety elements of playing rugby and being a member of TJRFC are of the paramount importance to us. Enyoyment for ALL is also vital. Please view our Safeguarding page


What does it cost?

There is an annual subscription entitled Family Membership. The membership covers the whole family irrespective of how many children might be playing. Unlike other clubs we do not charge an additional subscription for siblings. Check out the Membership Menu and links for details of current subscriptions and to download forms

NB - A medical Consent form must be completed for every child playing rugby


What equipment do I need?

What equipment do I need? - From Under 9s up, rugby is a contact sport and so gumshields are essential. These can be purchased from the club or sports shops but better ones can be made by your dentist or from

As the pitches get softer in the autumn boots are definitely needed and the Club Shop stocks all the items you will need to enjoy your rugby.


When do you play / when does it all happen?

The season usually starts on the first Sunday morning of the new school year in early September and runs through to the end of April.

We play on Sunday mornings, sessions start at 9am for the U6s, U7s and U8s and from 10.30am for U9s, U10s and U11s. We have a full fixture list, often combining with other clubs for special skills training whilst also participating in all the main Kent/Sussex mini festivals

Do you play in all weather?

Occasionally it is necessary to postpone training sessions or matches or change venues for the childrens' safety. If the weather is bad or you are unsure as to whether a particular session or match is taking place then contact your age group manager. The website will also often carry iunformation although this is reliant on info received.


Do we have to stay whilst the children are playing?

Many parents choose to stay and watch and this is encouraged.

However, you are welcome to leave your children in our care subject to a couple of caveats :

1. We must have your contact details and Medical Consent form completed

2. They must be collected promptly at end of training

3. Your Age Group Manager/Coaches MUST BE advised that you are not staying but that you will return as stated

Do you play matches?  Yes !!

But we do make sure everyone is ready to play by having training sessions. Checkout the Downloads section for details of the Mini Fixture List for the season - this can be subject to change but we do our best to ensure that it is up to date. Always check with your Age Group Manager/Coaches to confirm details

Is the game just like on TV?  

As children progress up through the age groups the game develops into the adult game that we see the likes of Owen farrell and others playing on TV. 

In the Under 7s and Under 8s the children play non contact "Tag" rugby.

At Under 9s we start to introduce contact through tackling, scrums and line-outs although we do not play a full XV a side

From Under 11s the players begin to play the game in much the same way as you see in the adult game. The team size switches to a full 15 and the players develop very quickly.


Are there any social activities? YES !!

The clubhouse is open after each session with hot dogs/soft drinks etc for sale for the kids (and something stronger for the parents!). We normally hold a Christmas Party for the children and the end-of season BBQ is a family affair. In the last couple of seasons we have also run trips to Twickenham for certain matches and short tours within the UK and abroad.

All parents also become members of the club and thus are very welcome at all the adult social events - for example the Minis & Youth sections support the Club's Sportsman's Evenings and Beer Festivals 

Check out the website for details of events as they arise

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